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Enjoy interactive games and writing exercises in our lessons!

Try Wheel Spin, Wack-A-Mole, Smash the Egg, Card Flip, mini platform-style games, tracing practice and more!

Our lessons have fun and catchy songs in every class that learners love.

Now, many of these great songs can also be easily downloaded for parents who can’t use YouTube.

Additionally, we know you’ll enjoy them as much as kids do!

Woohoo! Let’s talk about rewards!

So, all of our classes have a special button that you can hit to give your students a shiny star any time you wish. How cool is that?!

But wait, there’s more. Some of our games have extra rewards built in, including candy and cakes! Mmm, my stomach is already rumbling.

Joey’s got some awesome homework files waiting for you – including some flashcards that’ll make you say “WOWZA”!

These files are gonna make your life EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY!

Grab your eucalyptus leaves and let’s get learning!”

You can expect to recognise curriculum outlined by very established resources like

Joey’s Kids Course is based on Person’s Big Fun/ My Little Island used by PalFish,

Level 1 and Level 3 are Starter Courses from Whales English, (Starter A and Starter B),

We believe it is important to be able to offer teachers and their students familiar material and courseware that has books available to aid in their studies and maintain professionalism.


We love to save you time here at Joey’s Koala, using familiar material can help you achieve this!

Client Testimonials

“Since finding Christina and Joeys Koala I never have to worry about what to teach my beginner students. This course is packed with everything needed. The lessons are colorful fun and interactive but above all educational. Joeys Koala has been a life saver! Christina produces the lessons so quickly and I never have to use an alternative. Thank You Joeys Koala! My kids love these lessons and the songs and always look forward to class."
Teacher trudy, U.K.
I just recently purchased 3 units from Joey’s Koala’s and I just wanted to let you know that the content has been amazing for my students. They have loved how interactive the lessons are and it’s easy to make these lessons so much fun for the kids whilst learning too! Thank you 😊🌷.”
Teacher Jen, Thailand.
“Joey's Koala saved me! After working for PalFish I was looking everywhere for similar style learning material. The beginners course follows PalFish structure but hundred of times more fun with super cool slides! The different character accents are great. I'm not sure who enjoys it more me or my students, so much fun to teach.”
Teacher Jerry, New Zealand.

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  1. calston Ponce

    Hi! zcan I use these lessons on other platforms like Voov and Zoom? Also? is there a way to see what slide Number I am on so that I can keep track of where the student and I left off in the lesson?

  2. Christina Rogers

    Hello, and yes. All lessons can be uses on VooV or Zoom, using the screenshare option. We have been adding slide numbers too! 🙂 The newer lessons all have page numbers and we are editing the older lessons 🙂

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