Joey's Koala Kids Course!


  • Level 1: Starter A from Whales English 

Phonics and first words. Designed for young learners ages 3 +, their first introduction to English.

  • Level 2: PRE-K Joey’s Kids course!
  •  (Joey’s own course based on material by Pearson: Big Fun 1, used by PalFish)

Designed to give you the best and only material you need to teach Pre-K English. Your students will love the characters, songs, games and even the homework that comes with every class.

The classes are 25- 30 minute classes, with a minimum of 20 slides per class. 

In the course your students will learn to use simple sentences, grammar, sight words and phonics. Designed for young learners with a few spoken words, or simple sentence understanding “I like … ” etc. Ages 4+. on m


  • Level 3: (Joey’s own course based using Pearson: Big Fun 2, PalFish Level 3 outline) Coming Soon.

Students should have 150+ words and be able to form key sentences,

I have …/ I want …./ I can see …

Know basic grammar “it is / they are”. Students will learn vocabulary, and sentences and start CVC phonics. Ages 5+