Hello Everyone!

Wow, I’m super excited to be writing this!

About me: I am a ESL British teacher for young students both online and bricks and mortar. I live in the “Land of Smiles” that is Thailand, Which is wonderful and also where I gained the majority of my experience.


During 2021, I was working for PalFish and Whales English when (queue suspenseful music ” do, do ,do”) with a click of a finger I woke up unemployed or on a 70% pay cut due to Chinese regulations! It was a hard day for so many of us!

I found myself in unknown territory, like a sea turtle lost in the mountains. So here I am wondering do I retreat into my shell, or take the scary river slide back to the sea! So, rather than learning how to climb trees or yodel  I took the splash into the river aka the private sector.

First hurdle, get students! ✔️

Second hurdle, trying to find awesome material. Epic Fail! Nothing I could find did what I wanted.

It was either, boring, very little interactions, dull, hours of training needed to learn the material or all the above!


The “lightbulb” effect, and “how hard can it be moment”!

I got to work, little did I know the journey I was about to endeavour! I spent the next 12 months, and uncountable hours (my husband misses me very much) learning to use PowerPoint, Storyline, e.t.c to make classes for my students!

I have has so many fantastic responses from students, parents and teachers (thank you) so, now it’s time to share with you!

I have started with Pre-K s but also have almost drafts of many different levels and curriculum which be released in the near future. I hope you love them as much as I loved making them! Please feel free to ask me any questions!

Thank you, Christina @ Joey’s Koala