Welcome to level 2 trial class!

This class is suitable for beginner students from age 3. Make sure to download the curriculum now to share with your students parents! There is English and a Chinese version!

In this class,

  • Introduction:  Basic greeting
  • Vocabulary: fish, turtle, octopus
  • Sentence: I can see….

Teacher notes:

Teachers! Check out page 1 for instructions, including how to activate audio and give rewards, available on every page!

Games: We have not included pen activities for your student in this class, as so much time can be wasted for your first trial, i.e. trying to explain how to turn on their pen function from your Video Conferencing software. We designed this class as simple as possible to help your showcase your fabulous skills. However, in our course the pen tool is important and fantastic fun!

Audio: During the introduction the audio is automatic, during the main class it is optional giving you more control over your class!

Rewards: There is no limit, and can be used anytime on the page, click the logo to activate and then the star to remove!

Extra slides! After the goodbye page there are optional slides if needed.