Unit 2. My Body. 8 x 25 minute lessons.


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Get ready for a super adventure with this 8 class pack! Here students will learn body parts vocabulary! With new grammar “they are..” all themed around, yes you guessed it… superheroes ! Let’s join Joey, friends and special guests through learning vocabulary, colour, shape, value and science! Every class has songs, games, rewards, and more! There is also writing and sight word practice and of course every unit come with a homework pack!

Lesson 1. Vocabulary.

Vocabulary: Nose, mouth, eyes.

Sentence: It is a …/ they are …

Lesson 2. Vocabulary

Vocabulary: Ears, hands, feet.

Sentence: It is a …/ they are …


Lesson 3. Review and sight words.

Vocabulary : Nose, mouth, eyes, ears, hands, feet.

Sentence: It is a …

Sight words: they/are


Lesson 4. Maths

Colour: Yellow.

Shape: Square.



Lesson 5. Story

Story: What Is This?

Review: Yellow and square.






Lesson 6. Value



Review: Story.


Lesson 7. Science


Science vocabulary: some animals have wings they fly.

Sentence: … have wings.





Lesson 8. Review

Review of classes 1-7


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